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Solutions for computer networks and embedded projects


On our website you can see some of the products and services we offer, including micro sized PCs, printed circuit board (PCB) services, embedded diagnostic equipment and software application development.




For computer networks that need an embedded edge, we offer customized micro sized PC that can operating using a wide range of operating systems (Linux or Windows XP/7) and are built to our customer's required size and specifications. These types of PCs are useful for large networks, unique applications, or for point of sale equipment where a normal PC maybe too large.


(See our micro-computer catalog)





Our embedded solutions include PCB design, manufacture, assembly and rework. We offer a wide range of industry standard technologies including through-hole and surface mount (SMD). We also offer embedded technology consulting for companies that may want to explore the different options currently available in the market.


(See our circuit-board design or PCB rework)






Our software development services are very efficient, low-cost, and fast. Our experienced team can implement your needed goals and ideas into a finished project in as little as three weeks!


We specialize in:

  • Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010

  • (USB or hardware interfacing)

  • C++ (COM development)

  • (GUI and basic tasks)

  • PHP (for web connectivity)

  • SQL (databases, including MySQL and SQL Server)


(Please see the software page for more details)



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