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We specialize is offering unique products and services for the embedded electronics industry. We develop, produce and manufacturer hardware solutions for a variety of applications, including Flash memory devices (NOR and NAND types), SPI programmable devices, JTAG applications, USB hardware development, wireless communication stacks, and end-user software design and development.

January 16, 2017:  FlashcatUSB build 406 BETA is now available for download. A new firmware version (4.13) is included. The Flash database has been updated, new flash writing timing feature has been added, and the Flash writing tab has been updated.

December 20, 2016:  FlashcatUSB build 404 and firmware version 4.12 BETA is now available for download. Includes updated NAND engine, and SPI flash database. FlashcatUSB Professional is now available for pre-order, this new PCB 3.x version includes over 10 times the performance of the previous generation.

November 20, 2016:  FlashcatUSB build 400 and firmware version 4.12 BETA is now available. This version includes the new upgraded NAND engine that supports all of the newly added NAND flash devices. In addition, the software buffer has been changed to allow files to be read and written to via a stream, instead of coping the entire file to memory prior to performing a read or write operation.

November 11, 2016:  WSON-8 SPI sockets are now available as well as TSOP-48 adapters for NAND type memory devices.

November 6, 2016:  FlashcatUSB Software version 392 is available for download. Updated several bugs that have been reported. Also added Nordic nRF24LU1+ device support. AVR firmware has been updated to 4.10.

October 16, 2016:  FlashcatUSB Software version 390 is available for download This version features a new upgraded AVR firmware (4.09) that adds full support for the Extension Port and adapters. The new NAND Flash feature (screenshot) allows full programming of NAND Flash memory via the TSOP-48 Type-B socket. SPI database has been upgraded, and the Micron N25Q512 device support has been fixed.

September 10, 2016:  FlashcatUSB build 380 BETA with new AVR firmware (4.07) is ready for download. This version (which is mostly for BETA users) adds support for the PLCC-32 and TSOP-48 socket adapters, and also adds over a dozen new SPI Flash memory devices.

July 20, 2016:  A new update is ready for download. Software build 371 includes many updates for the SPI engine, including adding the ability to switch between page and extended page options for Atmel / Adesto series 45 devices. See screenshot.

July 18, 2016:  The FlashcatUSB Extension Port is now in production. This new add-on device adds support for CFI / parallel memory devices (PLCC-32, TSOP-48, TSOP-56, etc.) directly without using JTAG.

May 22, 2016: Software has been updated to build 370. Changes include support for I2C devices with 8bit addressing, additional SPI EEPROMS added, script engine updated, better device compatibility, and more. Download Now. New arrival: DIP8 socket (version 2) now in stock, this version includes support for both SPI and I2C devices!

March 22, 2016: A new software update is available for download. Build 368 includes updated Flash database, JTAG support for Lattice CPLD, updated SVF Player, script engine fixes, and more.

February 2, 2016: Software version 365 and source code are now available for download. Software now includes support for SQI devices. New arrival: 1.8v SPI adapters are now in stock (purchase here).

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January 16, 2016: Software version 365 is being finished at the moment, it will be available in about 1 week. In addition, the CMOS memory adapter is now available.

November 30, 2015: Software update (build 362) - includes updated SPI database and now supports CMOS memory (i.e. W49F002U) via a low-cost PLCC32 adapter that we are now producing. If you need this adapter, send us a email so we can get you on the wait-list.

November 1, 2015: Software update (build 355) - includes Repeat Write Operation feature, as well as adds predefined settings for ST M95xxx series.

October 20, 2015: Software has been upgraded to RC18 Build 352!

August 25, 2015: Device has been upgraded to now support I2C EEPROM (see screenshot)!

July 31, 2015: Software has been updated to RC17, build 350! Lots of new features. Also includes new firmware for PCB 2.x boards.

June 19, 2015: PCB version 2.1 is in stock and is now shipping! See picture here

May 14, 2015: SPI test clips are now available for sale. These are wired specifically to work with FCUSB.

April 5, 2015: Software has been updated to build 345.

Our embedded solutions include circuit board design, manufacture, component assembly and PCB rework. We offer a wide range of industry standard technologies including high-pitch surface mount technologies, including QFN and BGA packages. We also offer embedded technology consulting for companies that may want to explore different options available.


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Our software development services are very efficient, low-cost, and fast. Our experienced team of programmers can complete your project on time.



We specialize in:

  • Visual Studio 2013 (.NET 2.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5)

  • AVR Studio 6.2

  • (USB or hardware interfacing)

  • C++ (COM / Driver development)

  • (Applications)

  • PHP / ASP (for web connectivity)

  • SQL (databases, including MySQL and SQL Server)


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